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Monday, May 16, 2011

The double Digits....


My Grandson, is celebrating his

first double digit birthday

and is so happy about it.

I want to wish him a very
Happy Birthday
and may you have many more.

Love you very much and enjoy your day.

This is the card that I had posted before.
I cut it on Glitter paper and wanted to share it.

Have blessed Day...
On May 22, there's another birthday.

Miss Leandra

Yes, Its Miss Leandra birthday

five days after her brother.

This is the card I created for her.


Have a wonderful Day.

Hope to get back on the right foot, LOL

Thanks for stopping by....

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sorry 4 MIA....

I was sick after a wonderful

time in Virginia...

I am feeling much better,

even though I am finally getting back

into creating.

You know, when you don't create

for a long time, you tend to create

a mental blank...


This are my last Creations

The first two are birthday cards.

P'sst. Birthday card

Pss't..Someones having a Birthday,

is ideal for male or female, enjoy...
Next birthday card is Peace out..

I chose this for my grandson

who thinks he's a rapper...


This Mom in the Heart, is a topper.

Good for Mother's Day or Birthdays.


Its a little early for Dad's,

but I wanted to share this topper,

now that I posted my Mom topper..


Thanks for stopping by and

Welcome to my new Followers...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memorable time....

Hola, I am back from my visit and

I had a fabulous time.

I had a birthday dinner at Olive Garden,

with my daughter and the kids.

I also had a birthday cake,

with songs and candle blowing.

I was surprised, specially to see a number

four candle on the cake. LOL

My kids forgot to get candles and number

four was the only candle available

and I did not care.

The whole idea worked fine for me.

Even though, there were lots of rainy days,

I still had a fabulous time.

Thanks guys for a great time.

I am looking forward to the summer,

where I plan to spend a month at my daughter’s


These are some the pictures at Olive Garden.

Where we celebrated with a birthday dinner.

How memorable a time I had, and this

is a good way of sharing this day.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my pictures.

These are my creations for this week.


This is an Easter Card

This is a good mother's day card


a good mother's birthday card.


I want to welcome all the new followers


also the returning followers.

Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gone to Virginia Beach...

I am out of town....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blessed with another year...

I can't believe I am celebrating the
BIG 60
I thank God to be able to celebrate it.
I am a Cervical Cancer Survivor,
and I feel so lucky, but most of all
I will be going to visit my kids
and I am so excited to see them.
I also, want to give my brother,
a belated birthday shout out.

These are my Creations for this week.

This is an Easter Topper


This is an Alien Birthday card


I hope you enjoy my files.

Before I leave, I want to share

my Birthday gift from my hubby.

Its a Galaxy Tab

(Whoot, Whoot!!!)

Check it out its worth the time.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Another March birthday

Happy Birthday Comments, Graphics, eCards for Facebook, MySpace

I want to Wish my Step Daughter


(Dad and Desirae-daughter)

A happy birthday, and may

you have many more...

These are my creations for

this week.

This is my first Mother's day card.


This is my first Easter Card,

please forgive the photo quality

I was getting to much glare,

so I had to scan it.


This is an Anniversary card.



Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday....

I want to wish my Daughter

a very Happy Birthday.
This is my pride and joy
a Navy Veteran,
a wonderful Wife,
Loving mother of four.
I am blessed to have her in my life.

This is my daughter,
when she was Two Days old.
This is her first Baby's picture.
It seems like yesterday, and
now she's grown.

Have a Happy Birthday,

These are my latest creations.

This is an Egypt Cats birthday card


This card is good for any occasion,

This a Happy Spring card.


This Anniversary Card is

for my Daughter and Son in Law



Hope you like my creations...