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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tick Tock ...Tick Tock....Cuckoo clock....

Keeping my promise of Posting my Cuckcoo Clock file.
I am sorry for not posting it earlier, but I had totally forgot .
Hoping that someone can use this file.
Thanks for stopping by....


Lots of May birthdays....

I have quite a bit of cards that I have to send this month.
I have seven birthdays this month, between my grandchildren and nephews.
I hope that I can interest you in my birthday files, enjoy.
Thanks for stopping by.


This card was made for my Nephew, Tony.

He's celebrating his birthday on the Cinco de Mayo (May5Th.)

Happy Birthday Tony

This Princess card is not very photo friendly,

it looks nicer in person.


This card is for my Hubby's youngest Granddaughter.

She's celebrating her birthday with my Grandson, Elias.

I will post his card soon.

Happy Birthday Emma...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother's Day cards....


I am posting these two Mother's Day cards.
I didn't title one of them, so it can be also used for another occasion.
I hope that you enjoy them and find someone to send them to.
I am also working on a cuckoo clock, for my scrapbook.
I own a German cuckoo clock, and I decide to add it to my scrapbook.
Only because, I have had to explain the sounds from the clock every time
I'm on the phone. LOL
So, I hope to have it cut soon.

This is the card with no title.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth day, Earthlings’.....

It's our world lets take care of it.
We don't get another chance, if we don't .
Fuel for thought!

I was able to cut two cards.
I got side track, while waiting for my blades and mats,
so I hope that I am able to get some cards done.
As funny as it seems, I notice that lots of crafters go through this at one time or another.
Once I get back it to the rhythm of it, I will be alright. Thanks for being patient.
Here is a mother’s day card that I was working on during my wait. I hope that you find it nice enough to send to your mom or a mother. I will be cutting others to post.


One of my Mother's Day card.


This is a card that I made to bring a little cheer and smiles

to my niece Rosie. Who is experiencing a lot of

drama in her life lately.

Hang in there!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finding Pazzles accessories was a mission...

For the last few weeks, I have been searching for cutting blades and mats

for my Pazzles cutter and no place here in New York City carries them.

I finally decided on getting them on-line.

So, I had to be patient with my delivery. Ahhhhh!

What a Mission!

Finally, I am back to creating and cutting.

Next time, I will order my supplies before I run dry...LOL.

Well, While I was waiting I cut a purse card.

I saw a purse card on line and I decided

to trying making one. This is my version of the cut.

I created a file for this purse card, but
don't know if I am able to post it.
Even though, my files are freebies. I need to reseach the
pros and cons of this file.

front of card

inside of card.

I have created two birthday cards. which I am glad

that I was able to cut them in time for mailing.

I hope that you enjoy them and can find someone

to send them too.



I am sorry for the delays in my posting but I am

back and hope that you like my creations.

Thanks for stopping by.