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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kiss the wall caper....

These are my granddaughters
Cassie and Miss Leandra,
they were playing dress-up.
They asked their mother for Lip gloss, as you
can see it in the picture.
Anyway, the next day, Cassie, my
youngest asked her mom for
lip gloss, the others were in school, except
the oldest of the girls, who was home sick.
Mom agreed, just to keep her
busy. She asked her Mom
if she could go upstairs to show her big sister.
When she got up stairs, she discovered
her sister was sleeping,
so on her way down stairs, she decided to
leave little lip gloss kisses on the wall.
She left a long line of kisses.
When her sister came down for lunch.
She discovered the line of lip gloss kisses.
When, Mom asked who left the kisses on the
wall, Miss Cassie replied,
I don't know !
So, there you have it
the Kiss on the Wall Caper.
The Who done it!
From the mouth of Babes....

I am enclosing a couple of Birthday cards.

There are a lot of Birthday in March

in our family.

These cards are made with similar

die cuts.

Birthday _Lady

this is the same style but lattice


I had second thought about posting this card.

My hubby couldn't tell what

the Lattice cut was.

I got discouraged, but decide to include

the card, anyway. I like my results but I am

not sure how anyone else will feel.

If you like it, its yours, LOL

Please let me know, if you agree or disagree

by downloading it.

Thank you for stopping in and

I hope you enjoy my creations.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've been tagged...

A very nice person Anne from , who I consider as a friend
as decided to give me a Liebster Blog Award,
and I am really pleased and proud of it.

There are a couple of conditions for accepting this award,
(which I have) you have been TAGGED & want to participate.
Then create a post where you POST the "LOVE BLOG" image.
You should also blog the person’s link that gave you the award
and inform her/him that you accept the award.
You can then choose 3-5 favorite blogs
which you also link to your post then each blogger
will inform you that they have been tagged.
The aim of this action is to bring unknown good blogs
to light so please do not blog fellow bloggers that
already have 3,000 followers.
These are my choices
Jennie from
Carol from
Flora from
Joanna from
Lisa from

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My little Latin Leprechauns

glitter graphics

My grandchildren are half Irish
and half Puerto Rican.
So, they honor this day along
with their father.
They fly their green colors
on this day, and find out a little more
about their heritages.

I hope that someday they get to visit

This is the card and toppers, that
I made to honor St. Patrick day.

This is my Celtic cross card...


This is my Leprechaun toppers


This another Leprechaun topper


I want to thank all of yous,

who left comments and request.

I will get them out as soon as possible.

Enjoy Valentines day....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So, Spring is coming Early...

Even though, we're having such bad


Spring will be coming in early this year..

Thanks to

Punxsutawney Phil,

he did not see his shadow,
and has predicted, early today, that

spring is on the way.

February 2, 2011

I was visiting Extreme Cards and Paper Crafts site

owned by Carol, and

I discovered that she had created a lovely

frame by paper piercing around the picture.

I was so taken by this crafting

technique that gave it a try.

It’s not as elaborate as her piercing but

I enjoyed trying it for the first time.

I look forward to making another one.

I hope that you stop by her site and check out her creations.

Thanks Carol for sharing your knowledge.

Visit her @

This is the card that I created from my

paper piercing experience.

My Valentine Paper Piercing Card

This is a Valentine Topper

This is my Valentine Butterfly Lattices card.


Thanks for your visit

Comments are always welcomed....