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Saturday, October 31, 2009

What time is it !

It's Day Light Savings Time

Don't forget to change your clocks.

Speaking of time.

I decide to bring back one of my Thanksgiving favorites.

I hope that you can find use for them. LOL


I posted this file last Thanksgiving .


This Thanksgiving Turkey, can be used for a topper, cards or in scrap booking.

Hope you like him, I find him quite amusing.

Being that its already snowing in some parts.

I decide to add my snow kid, even thou, its a little early for us,

here in New York City.

I hope that you can start your snow scrap pages or holiday cards

Or, just hang on to the kid

until you can find, some use for him. I think he's quiet cute, too.

I plan to make a card soon with him as a topper.

When, I'm done with the card. I will post it, so you can see the results.

hee! hee! hee!


Once again, thanks for stopping by.

Hope you enjoy my freebies .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy first Birthday Zoie...


I want to wish Zoie Esmeralda Then, a very Spooktacular first Birthday.
I'm sorry but, I don't have any new pictures of Zoie, other than the ones in my previous postings. This is the card that I made for Zoie. I hope that you can find use for it. I know that there has to be other Halloween babies out there. LOL
Happy first Birthday, Zoie...
Love, Mima and rest of the family.



This is great for Scrap booking, its a toppers.

I made it for my upcoming Halloween pictures.

My little people are ready for Halloween . I can't wait to see them in their costumes.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Will be looking out for all those Halloween pictures. LOL

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Aubrie....


Tomorrow, Friday, October 23, is Aubrie Rose's 10Th Birthday. Aubrie is one of Twelve (12) Grandchildren, my hubby and I share. She loves to play softball in school, and she's a great team player. Like most girls, her age, she enjoys hip hop music, and loves poppin, and all the last dance moves. She loves to being photographed and likes changing her outfits quite often. She's quite a a young lady.

Happy Birthday Aubrie,

May you have a many more blessed birthdays to come.

Your always in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Papi and Anna

Aubrie giving that home girl look...

Aubrie during one of her Modeling stand... LOL

This is the card that I made for Aubrie. I hope that you like it .


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last of my Halloween cards....

Hi everyone, I hope that your not experiencing to much of this sudden weather change. I just hope that its not going to lingering around on Halloween. So many are looking forward to having nice trick o treating weather. I can't believe how much the weather has changed here in New York City. We have been getting temperatures in the low 40's. Its even snowed in some parts. Its cold and wet today, Sunday. It seems that this is just a preview of whats to come. Ouch! My grand kids live in Virginia and Mom has already got there jackets out. They went for there yearly hay ride and she said it was cold. Well, I hope that your not having snow in your area, it to premature, right!
I thinks so, but it seems that nature is the boss and its always reminding us of it.
These are the last of my Halloween cards, anyway as far as I am concern. I just have a Halloween Birthday card for Zoe, who is turning one. She's our Halloween baby! I will post her birthday card as soon as I finish with it. I am posting a topper for scrap booking and a card. If I get any ideas for any toppers I will try to post them before the big day.
I hope that you enjoy them.

This is a topper, great for scrap books, Door Hanging, etc.


This my Witch's shoe card cover

and the inside.

I placed the title Boo! on the inside of the card,

I thought that placing it on the cover of card would

be to over whelming, but you decide.

Thank you for stopping, by feed my blog....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween cards...

These are the Halloween cards that I mentioned, I was going to post. Sorry, for the delay but I've been busy trying to catch up with birthday cards and Halloween costumes. My daughter has her hands filled with three sick babies. All the girls have the flu and that's been very time consuming for her. Thank God, its the flu and not the Swine flu. My little man, hasn't been afflicted with it, thank God. They got their school progress report, and he did really well. 4- A's, 2- B's, 1- Outstanding and the rest Satisfactory. His sister also did great, she got satisfactory across the board, Harray!
You guys are awesome....
I am so proud of them for working so hard.

These are two different version of this Trick o Treating Ghost Card.
This first card has a backing shaped like the trick o Treating Ghost.

The second trick o treating Ghost card is on a regular 5.50 X 4.25 card.


This is my Frankenstein card 4 this year.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy these cards.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Spooky cards....

This is one of the greatest time of the year. I enjoy seeing all the creative costumes that are displayed on this day. From cute little characters to the most eerie, spooky and frightening costumes that can be imagined.
Here are a few more Halloween cards. Hope that they can bring joy to some little trick o treater. Lol


I have a few more cards for Halloween to post. When you have lots of grandchildren, they all expect to receive cards on every occasion. Don't want to break their little hearts. LOL
Thanks to my little ones, I have become a scrap booker and card maker. I love to hear from them after they get my cards. I get really mushy, when they say, "thank you, Grandma"....

Thank you for stopping by....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back from Virginia....

I am back from my daughter’s, she had her surgery, and it went very well. Before, I came home her hubby changed the baby’s crib into a toddlers bed, so she can get out of bed without assistance. She thinks she's a big girl now. I had a great time with her. We (my daughter and I) got to spend some quality time together. We talked, laughed and shared some overdue hugs, it was wonderful. Then, I spent time with the kids, which we all enjoyed. I was able to acquired a relationship with baby Cassie, who’s memory of grandma is more from phone conversations, than a visual relationship. Even when I was there, she still wanted to speak to grandma on the phone. Now, she knows the difference. We went shopping, to the park, played, colored and watch her favorite cartoons. During the weekends, I took the all kids out to the park, bike riding, we went toy shopping and did some coloring, played computer games, video games, watch movies, etc. We had a long overdue great time, even during homework. I am enclosing a few pictures of our time together.
I am adding some Halloween cards, hope you enjoy them. Thanks for visiting the stomping grounds, while I was away. Come again and stay a while.

Pirate 3D insert card

Front cover

inside - card

Skull card

Graveyard Boo! card

These are my little people...

Little man Eli, Princess Ari,

Baby Cassie and Doña Loling.....