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Monday, September 29, 2008

Guess who's blogging?

I can't believe that this weekend, my daughter gave me a call. Mom, guess what? I created a blog. I was shock, because when I told her that I was creating a blog, she thought that I was tripping. What could you possibly want with a blog. She said, Mom you don't get down like that, what a nerd. I told her that anyone could create a blog. Days later, she start a blog. Thanks Lisa, she's the young lady, who taught me what I needed to know to start blogging. So, now I am passing on what I have learn from Lisa, to my daughter. I am so happy that she's creating her blog. She's in the Navy and I am sure she has a lot to blog about. I mainly wanted to create my blog for my die cuts, cards and my experiences with my grandchildren, who I love so dearly. It may not be the most exciting blog to read, but it means the world to me. For instant, my grandson, is getting glasses and he's look forward to it only because he's going to have a new look. I am glad that he's getting them, because it'll help he's vision. He on the contrary, is looking forward to looking different. These are that things that you see as a grandparent, that you don't notice, when your a parent. I also look forward to my grandson getting his glasses. He'll get them in few more days.

This is my lovely daughter (Doria) in Cypress, during one of her tours over seas.

Well, back to my die cuts. I have done a few more ghoulish but friendly Halloween characters, that I want to share. I love sharing my dies cuts. After I use them, I might as well share them, its better then letting them sit in my computer, until the following year. Even though, I have seen different versions of the same clip art, their never two alike. People see things differently. I've seen some die cuts that are fabulous, and some that have didn't have any time spent on them. Everyone has different taste in what they do or obtain. Its all in the name of fun, as far as I am concerned. Anyway, enjoy my add on's....



Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Close to the Big 28!!!

Your blending my heart to know ends.

On October 5Th., it will be our 28Th. anniversary, and it seems like yesterday.
My hubby, Felix is my soul mate, my friend, my lover, basically, he's been my everything. You don't know what you have until things get rough. That's where I notice that my hubby is my true soul mate. He excepted my illness, like a knight in battle, ready to challenge the unknown. Gave me the support and help that I needed. I was his damsel in distress, and he wasn't leaving me behind. He's a great provider and loves his family. Most of all, I love him. It's a blessing, when you met the right person to make your life fulfilled. I always make his cards, regardless of what the occasions are. This time, I've bitten more than I can chew. I wanted to make him something special, but I'm not doing so well. gulp!

I made a couple of anniversary cards for him, but I don't know which one of the few to give him. I hope that I can come to a decision before our anniversary, LOL

First card


Second card


Third and final- I need to embellish this card.


Any suggestion would be appreciated at this time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Want to play on the computer?

My grandson playing on the computer at the age 19 months. He's playing on

My Grandson, who is presently seven years old, who I call "little man" or "Papi". Lives in Virginia beach. I live in New York City, and he likes calling me on Saturday mornings. "Grandma, do you want to play on the computer"? Well, naturally, I tell him yes and off we go to This is one of the few places that we love to stop at. He's been playing on the computer since he was 18 months old. I am glad, because we still can spend our computer time together, even though he's miles away. One of our favorite games is Pest of the West (Sponge Bob game). Now, that he can read, we go to different sites,,, etc. Its great, how he loves to spend time with Grandma, even if we are far away from each other. It also keeps me updated with the lasted games, movies and cartoons. I, even watch cartoons via phone with my grand kids. The Jonas brothers, Hannah Montana, Super Heroes and so on. I enjoy these shows with them, and it great to know what their talking about, when they talk with friends. He also learned to play on his playstation at an early age.

His favorite video game was spiderman.

At seven, he's became really good at his gaming.

He's got the Playstation3, but being that, we can't play online because I don't have a playstation3, we play on the computer.

I am hoping that the kids treasure these moments in the future, like I will. God Bless my little people.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Last one out turns off the lights!

Yesterday, was the last day of summer and the last day at the old Yankee stadium. The way we knew it for years. My mother, God bless her soul, was a big Yankee fan. There wasn't anything she didn't know about the Yankees. I know that she would have cried, to see the old players get together with the new, to bid Yankee stadium a farewell. Next year, the new Stadium will open. I hope that Yankees play better in the up coming baseball season. It was nice to see that they won the last game.

Hello to the New Yankee Stadium

I love New York, my native stomping grounds. ;)


as we, Welcome Autumn today!
Here's a title that I'd like to share.


Talk about stomping, try these kickers!!LOL


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

This month is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
Ovarian Cancer is one of the deadly of Women’s cancer. Each year, approximately 21,500 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In 2008, approximately 15,500 women will die in the US from ovarian cancer. Many women don’t seek help, until the disease has begun to spread, but if detected at its earliest stage, the five year survival rate is more than 93%. Visit
-for more information on symptoms, etc.

I am, an ovarian cancer victim, and I am a survivor. My doctor told me that I was cancer free. It was a long and difficult battle for me, thank God, and my loving family, who gave me support. I was able to go on with my struggle. I received nine sessions of Chemo. Lost all of my hair, weight, appetite, feelings in the tip of my hands, feet, toes. It was a nightmare that was hard to wake up from. I was able to survive this affliction, and continue to do my best to regain my health. I feel fortunate to be here to enjoy life and my love ones. I was blessed with a new grandchild, and I thank God everyday for being able to enjoy her. So please, check yourself out and support Cancer awareness.

This picture was taken while I was undergoing my nine sessions of Chemo.

This is me, two years later with my new grandbaby Cassy and my other Granddaughter, Miss Leandra. I am blessed to be able to share this short story.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Summer has come to an End

As we try to enjoy the last weekend of the Summer, fall is around the corner. Autumn, starts on Monday, September 22. It is the beginning of the Equinox, until Solstice, which occurs about December 22, the beginning of winter. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, not to cold, not to hot, its just right. I love the way the earth looks, sporting its colors, orange, red, brown, golden yellow and so on. You can dress comfortably with light jackets, or sweaters. Spent time strolling, enjoying the display that mother earth puts out in the fall. In honor of the Equinox, I made this die cut. Enjoy the fall and lets get started with all those holidays coming up.


I am also adding a couple of Halloween Die cuts. I had not finish them during the time that I posted the others die cuts, but I am sure that it won't make a difference. I think that they came out cute. Before I forget, the sprinters have to be cut with a nice sharpen blade and a good mat. This will ensure you a wonderful cut. Forgive me for not posting this before.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some more Halloween fun!

Being that I have a lot of Grandchildren. I am preparing for all those costume pictures, that I will receive for my scrapbook. I'd like to share some of the ones that are done from clips. You can pick and choose the ones you like. Having fun sharing. :)





Monday, September 15, 2008

The Bead!

I was home working on this scrapbook page of my youngest Granddaughter.

When my daughter called me, and said, "Guess What Miss Leandra did?" Miss Leandra, is my third grandchild, and second of the girls. My reply was, "What?" After taking a deep breath and bracing myself for a response. Miss Leandra, put a bead up her nose, replied my daughter. It was a bead with a hole in the center, the kind that are used for hair decor, or crafts. She calmly walk up to her Mom, and said; I have something in my nose. Mom quickly, stop what she was doing, looked and sure enough there it was. The Bead! Miss Leandra, why did you put that bead in your nose. She calmly replied; because I'm a mermaid. What an imagination, this three you old has. Mom tried to remove it careful, but stopped. She didn't want her to get excited, fearing it would cause her to cry. Sniffling could push the bead further in. Unsuccessful, Mom call Dad for help. Oh Boy! That broke Miss Leandra's dam and here came the tears and sniffling. Thank God, Dad worked quickly, asked for a flashlight and tweezers. Got it out through the hole, that was fortunately lined up properly. Way to go, Dad! Dad saved Miss Leandra, and her family a trip to the hospital. Well, did Miss Leandra learn from this lesson? We hope, because last year, she did it with a bean. Thank God, that is was very small, and Mom got it right out. Miss Leandra, has to find a better profession, then being a Mermaid. She's cute as a button, but has a curiosity that could put the boldest out of business. God Bless her. After, putting her parents through a scare, her imagination of becoming a mermaid, was pretty funny. We love her curiosity and all, even if she keeps her parents on the go. Bold Miss Leandra! I won't change my grandchildren for anything in the world. Children are amazing and their outlook on life is so wholesome. God Bless all the children.

Meet Miss Leandra

Friday, September 12, 2008

Welome Stay A While

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker
Create your own glittery text at

No one out grows Halloween!

As we approach Halloween, everyone start to get creative with what their going to dress as. I myself love Halloween, and I am happy to say that my little ones (grandchildren),are all ready for this Spooky day. When my daughter was little, I looked forward to getting her costume ready, and back then, there weren't to make detailed costumes on the market. Lots of plastic masks, that made them sweat, they cracked easy, and not child proof at all. So, I had to make lots of her costumes, and it wasn't easy to find the right accessories or even patterns, material, etc. Now, its a big thing, lots of lovely costumes, great accessories, Halloween parades. I could go on forever with all the things that are available. Love it. Oh! Lets not leave out pictures, lots of pictures, and all for the love of scrapping. Woo hoo! I am sharing some GSD, that I am using for my Halloween scrapbook. Hope that you can find a spot in your cards or scrapbook for them.

This little vampire would look good on any scrapbook or card topper..


This is great for Halloween and these pumpkin picking visit with the little ones.


For the older kids, I am adding the Erie female vampire..


Have a happy and safe Halloween.

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to my good friend Lisa from - who with her help and her detailed lessons. I would have never gotten this blog going. Thank you, girl! Your the best!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family Outing at the Ocean Breeze Water Park, Virginia Beach

On July the 4th, weekend, my daughter surprised us (Mom and Dad), with a family day at Ocean Breeze Water Park, at Virginia Beach. It was our first time their, and the kids, were looking forward to it. As we approach the Park, Standing tall at the entrance, your Greeted by Hugh Mongus, rumored to be cousin to King Kong, LOL.

We rented a Cabana, which came in handy, during the time it rained. Which didn’t last long? It had comfortable pool side sitting. Where, I spent sometime with the baby, and had a good spot to watch the big splash contest, plus was entertain by Hugh Mongus dancing .

Baby Cassy watching everyone at the wave pool…

You knew when the wave pool was going to start the waving, because they always played “We will rock you”,
It was one of the great attractions.


Hugh Mongus dancing and the waves rolling to the sound of, We will rock you, my daughter and grandson, were in the mix with everyone else. This was so cool watching everyone having fun.

This is Anna, our Cabana girl, taking our lunch order.
You can see that my little ones were getting ready for the pool, and eating wasn’t on their menu.

Waiting to go swimming was an endless wait.

My granddaughter loves to swim and right now, she’s feeling like a fish out of water.

The guys are looking over the menu, for something cold to order.

Hubby and grandson posing for this picture.

The best of all was the tubular Largo loop. We all enjoyed ourselves here.

Dad took his daughter for looping ride.

Wow! It's almost time to go and he hasn't had enough!

Dad takes the little dare devil next on the loop and she loved it.

How Bold!

Last of the rides, it time to depart until next year!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

We must never forget!

As we approach September 11, 2008, I can't help but to remember of the horrible day, seven years ago. The day, we lost so many of our New Yorkers at the World Trade Towers, and others that were here on business. Even those, that were aboard the planes, and at the Pentagon, all the rescue team. Firefights, EMS, and our Police and all those who were at hand to save as many as possible. This day has affect so many people that lost love ones. We must not forget, but keep the memories alive. Please take the time to send a prayer to all those affected and lost, by remembering that moment, we keep this from repeating again. God Bless America...