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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sorry 4 MIA....

I was sick after a wonderful

time in Virginia...

I am feeling much better,

even though I am finally getting back

into creating.

You know, when you don't create

for a long time, you tend to create

a mental blank...


This are my last Creations

The first two are birthday cards.

P'sst. Birthday card

Pss't..Someones having a Birthday,

is ideal for male or female, enjoy...
Next birthday card is Peace out..

I chose this for my grandson

who thinks he's a rapper...


This Mom in the Heart, is a topper.

Good for Mother's Day or Birthdays.


Its a little early for Dad's,

but I wanted to share this topper,

now that I posted my Mom topper..


Thanks for stopping by and

Welcome to my new Followers...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memorable time....

Hola, I am back from my visit and

I had a fabulous time.

I had a birthday dinner at Olive Garden,

with my daughter and the kids.

I also had a birthday cake,

with songs and candle blowing.

I was surprised, specially to see a number

four candle on the cake. LOL

My kids forgot to get candles and number

four was the only candle available

and I did not care.

The whole idea worked fine for me.

Even though, there were lots of rainy days,

I still had a fabulous time.

Thanks guys for a great time.

I am looking forward to the summer,

where I plan to spend a month at my daughter’s


These are some the pictures at Olive Garden.

Where we celebrated with a birthday dinner.

How memorable a time I had, and this

is a good way of sharing this day.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my pictures.

These are my creations for this week.


This is an Easter Card

This is a good mother's day card


a good mother's birthday card.


I want to welcome all the new followers


also the returning followers.

Thanks for stopping by...