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Monday, June 28, 2010


Wishing you all a Happy, Blessed and Safe July the 4Th.
Please take a moment to pray for a miracle at the Gulf,
and the future of our world as we know it.

I am want to wish my great Nephew a healthy and
Happy Birthday...
This is the card that I made for

Front view

Inside view

I also created a birthday card for my Cousin Annie

Happy Birthday Cuz!


This birdcage card is just a card that

I was inspired to make after seeing another bird cage

file, which was done with a Cricut program.

I don't have the latest Cricut cutter. I do own a personal

Cricut, but no computer connection. I decided to make one

from scratch. I hope that there is someone who might enjoy

this card.


This card is untitled but it can be used for

any type of Occasions or Celebrations.

Lets not forget to keep our country in prayer,

we are facing lots of turmoil, with the Gulf Oil Spill.

I don't know, if anyone remembers, Iron Eyes Cody.

He was best known for the "Crying Indian"

public service advertisement (PSA)

which launched on Earth Day in 1971.

I wander how many tears, he would had shed with this

catastrophic disaster.

We need to support this clean up the best way we can.

Its our country that is losing its natural habitat and we will

have lots repercussions from it.

I also want to thank all those who stop by and left

me those wonderful comments. They are very

rewarding and also inspirational.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oop's its all about the theme...

Image hosted by ImageShack

I had posted a Birthday card that I had made for Ariana's
Birthday. I found out that she had pick the Hawaiian
theme for her birthday party.
So, like most Grandmother's, we then to want to please
our little ones. I decided to make her a new card, yes, with
a Hawaiian theme.
I hope that you enjoy it and can also share it
with a special someone. I made this card with a lot
of Love.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cards, Cards, cards....

Desirae and Jason Jacobson

I want to wish Desirae and Jason a Happy Anniversary.
They are celebrating their thirteenth year of matrimony.

Desirae and Jason have a family of three children, and a dog.

Desirae is my stepdaughter, and my hubby's pride and joy.

Her Dad will be visiting her on in July. They live in Norman, Oklahoma.

Here is the Anniversary card that I created for the Happy Couple.

A Cowboy Anniversary card

Have a blessed Anniversary and may you have many more.

This is a Birthday card with Pandas in their natural habitat.

I just created it with no real motive, but it came out nice,

so I decide to share it.


Hoping that you like my Panda's and can find someone to share it with.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Few more Father's Day Cards...

As I promised here are some more Father's Day Cards.
I also want to Thank those of you who left warm and kind comments.
I appreciate hearing from you and how much you enjoyed my cards.
Thanks again, Mima.
This is my Little Pirate card , hope you can find use for it.

This is my Dad in Black,

even though I cut it out in Brown for lack of black paper.

So, to this I say Oops, LOL.


Beer Mug Card


How much I miss You

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Father's Day cards....

These are a couple of Father's Day cards that I created for the father's in my family.
I have a few more that I will be posting before the big day. In the meantime,
Happy Father's Day, Guys.


I wanted to share this picture of my daughter's neighbor and her family.

I pray that the oil spill doesn't reach her area. All these

creatures that make our living area so lovely, can become

affected. They are one of many that live in the surroundings

of the Virginia Beach area.

Meet the Family....

Our world is in danger and we must keep close

watch and pray for a soluation.

Hope your enjoy the cards and find someone to send them to.

Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Princess is having a birthday.....

Ariana is having her Seventh Birthday

on June 25th.

Ariana is doing very good in School. In March, she received

the Lincoln Award, for her school performance.

Next school year, she will be attending a special class for gifted children.

We are so proud of her. Ariana loves to read and its paid off.
She has a very nurturing soul.
She's a good big sister and loves to help Mom with daily chores.
Way to go, Ariana!

This is the card that I made for her.
I hope that you can find someone
in your life to share this card with.

"The Skateboarder"

Skateboarding is one of Ariana new entertainments. She's also has been

practicing her cartwheel. Ariana can't wait to get it right. She's getting there,

but still needs practice. She has to bring her left leg up in a straighter position.

I couldn't find a silo of a girl doing a cartwheel.

Anyway, this is why I chose the skateboarder for her birthday card. LOL

I started my Father Day cards.
With all the turmoil of us losing our aquatic life and not seeing the light at

the end of the tunnel. I was complied to use a Whale and sea birds

in my father's day card.

I am hoping that we don't end up with just memories

of how our oceans were.

God Bless our World.


Forgive the glitter look, glitter never photographs well.

It looks great to the naked eye but on film

forget about it.

Hope that you can over look it and find someone to send it to.

Thanks for stopping by.... feed my blog...LOL