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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Princess is having a birthday.....

Ariana is having her Seventh Birthday

on June 25th.

Ariana is doing very good in School. In March, she received

the Lincoln Award, for her school performance.

Next school year, she will be attending a special class for gifted children.

We are so proud of her. Ariana loves to read and its paid off.
She has a very nurturing soul.
She's a good big sister and loves to help Mom with daily chores.
Way to go, Ariana!

This is the card that I made for her.
I hope that you can find someone
in your life to share this card with.

"The Skateboarder"

Skateboarding is one of Ariana new entertainments. She's also has been

practicing her cartwheel. Ariana can't wait to get it right. She's getting there,

but still needs practice. She has to bring her left leg up in a straighter position.

I couldn't find a silo of a girl doing a cartwheel.

Anyway, this is why I chose the skateboarder for her birthday card. LOL

I started my Father Day cards.
With all the turmoil of us losing our aquatic life and not seeing the light at

the end of the tunnel. I was complied to use a Whale and sea birds

in my father's day card.

I am hoping that we don't end up with just memories

of how our oceans were.

God Bless our World.


Forgive the glitter look, glitter never photographs well.

It looks great to the naked eye but on film

forget about it.

Hope that you can over look it and find someone to send it to.

Thanks for stopping by.... feed my blog...LOL


Anne said...

Both fab cards Mima Congratulations to Ariana on her award well done & happy birthday for the 25th
Anne xx

Tonya said...

ohh thank you. I think this will be my "fathers day" card to my hubby. We collect Killer Whales (orca) and Manatee stuff!