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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cards for the holidays...

Hoping that everyone is ready
for the Thanksgiving holidays.

I am enclosing my new creations.

I hope that you enjoy them, even
though, I had trouble with getting my
photos to show up as nice as the
cards look in person.

The photos aren't as true
as the cards themselves. I've been
going crazy on this computer trying to get a
decent jpg. to post.

I sorry for the poor quality in my photos.

Shiny backgrounds are very hard to photograph, so
please be forgiving, LOL

This is my ornament card.

This is my Snowman Lattices card.


I most likely need photo lessons, LOL

This is the card that gave me the most difficult

time photographing.

Candy cane_card

This is a Christmas frame

for those Christmas photos.


I hope to post before Thanksgiving,

I am going to visit my kids for Thanksgiving

dinner. I hope to post before I leave, but if

I don't I will post upon my return.

Enjoy and eat hardy......

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cassandra's birthday....

Today is my youngest Grand daughter's birthday,
she Three years old.

She had a family celebration, yesterday.
With a Dora theme, a pizza party,
and games.
She had a great day...

This is Cassie at Toys r us.
She's a Geoffrey club member
and was given a birthday crown and balloons.

This is Cassie at Toys r us, shopping for
her birthday gifts.

Sending Cassie a Big hug and kiss...
from Grandma and Grandpa


Geisha doll


This is an ornament topper

with Caroler.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honor our Heroes....

Wishing all those who have and are serving in
our Armed Forces.
A very Happy Veterans Day!
I want to Honor my love ones,
who served and thank them for protecting our country.
Have blessed Day...

For those who served and lost their lives
a special prayer in your honor.
We shall never forget your bravery.

I am enclosing a few holiday cards.
This is my Thanksgiving card for my little people,
who I will be spending Thanksgiving with.
I hope that you enjoy this card and
have someone to share it with.


I am also enclosing some Christmas cards.

This is an Angel with lattice background.


This is my Christmas tree card with lattice


Snowflake card
with Lattice background.


Hope you enjoyed these holiday cards.

Thanks for stopping by....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wow, the holidays are near....


Yup! The Holidays are among us and
I haven't even started my holiday shopping.
Hope that I don't get overwhelmed.


Anyway, these are some of my grand kids

trick or treating with friends.

Halloween 2010

The kids carved pumpkins, and went

trick or treating.

My kids are the little witches, Dora

and the Zombie Dr.

I also add to the scrap page, Pin Head

(lower right), he's a treater giving

the kids a spooktacular scare....

They had a great time.

These are the cards that I created

I created this card for my sister in law


who will be celebrating a birthday on

the 23rd.

This is the Slim lady HB card


These are some of my Christmas card

creations for this year...


Instead of doing the traditional three kings,
I decide to go with just one of the kings in this card.


This topper is M Jackson with Christmas cap and ornament..

found this character on line and I thought

it was cute, so I added some holiday cheer...


Thanks for stopping by...

I hope that you enjoyed these files.

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