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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last summer fling...

How time flies! Summer is almost over and it continues to show more rain in the forecast. It’s been one of the rainiest summers documented in years. Hoping that on Labor Day, it will be a nice day for the last summer fling. Schools are open again, in some states, and I am sure that the children didn’t have much of a summer vacation.
I have to leave for Virginia on September 15, to help out with my grandchildren. My daughter is having surgery and is going to need help, while she recuperates. The kids will be going off to school, and the baby will be staying home with me. I don’t drive, so I wouldn’t be able to drive her to the sitters. Which is fine with me, I won’t be bored alone in the house. I never took time to learn to drive, being from the city. I have always had all the transportation needed to get around. We have twenty four hour transportation services year round, so being a native of New York, I have adapted to this way of life. Now, I am useless out of the city. Well, I have made some cards to send out, when I get back. I will be gone for two weeks. I will post some of them now and the others, when I get back. I hope that you enjoy them. I will also have some updated pictures of my grandchildren, which I am looking forward to getting.
This is a Birthday card.

These are general cards.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August has gone to the Dogs.....

With all this rain we've been having here in New York City, there hasn't been to many good days to enjoy to sunshine in. We finally reach the 90's, and what else do we get with the 90 degrees temperature, yup! Heatwave! That's why I say that August has gone to the dogs. LOL
Here is my tribute to August. Yes, a puppy dog. LOL I made a puppy dog birthday card, puppy dog eating topper for scrappin'. I am also enclosing my flamingo card. Standing out in a crowd. Hope that you can find someone to send it to, because I did, lol.

This is the puppy dog card.

This is puppy dog topper good for scrapbooking.

This are both puppy dogs side by side.


This is the Flamingo card. Standing out in a crowd.

This card is good for someone special that stands out in everything that they do and accomplice.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Males dominate August...

Men are dominating this month, the month of August birthdays…..
I am making some birthday cards for four male members of my family. Two Son in laws, a Brother in law and a nephew, father and son celebrating their birthday on the same day. So, these are two of the four cards that I will be sending. I have one more to create. I always like to sending individual cards. I will be posting it soon. Hope you enjoy these, and I also posted another card with a book marker. This is the second one that I have made. The site was right, they stated that they are addictive, and yes they are. If you still haven’t gone to the site, check it out for yourself.



This is the other Book marker card that I made.

Hope that you enjoy and find use for these cards. Thanks for stopping bye, and please leave your commits, they are so rewarding to hear what you think about my cards.

Friday, August 7, 2009

One More Unfinished.....

I am slowly finishing some unfinished cards. During the time that my family was growing I had done some new baby cards, but I never got around to finishing this Mom 2 be card. I finally finished it and I wanted to share the results with those of you who are expecting new baby's, that my want a Mom to be card. So here it is. I hope that you like it. I have a few others that I plan to finish, so come back in the near future to check.


I made this Viking card for my Son in law Brian, who is having a birthday at the end of this month. I also want to share it with you. Making cards for males are always a challenge for me. They are hard to decorate, don’t want to make them to flowery. Male species are very sensitive about showing of cards that are in the slightest way feminine. Hope that you like what I created for him and find use for this card.
Thank you for stopping by.

Enjoy….keep those commits coming.

Love to hear from you and what you think.

I want to share this book marker with card that I got from Stampin' IS my job!!
They are really cute if you like to try it out its at
This is my version of the book marker with card. Hope you try it, its lots of funny and the creations are worth it. Thank you Stampin' Is my job! for the tutorial.

Front of card with book marker attached to the corner of card...

This is the card after the corner book marker removed.

Hope that you enjoy this Challenge it was lots of fun...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Unfinished finally finished….

These are cards that I started and never got around to finish. Some of them, at the time were causing some type of discouragement, so I just set them aside. I was able to go back to them and finished them. I hope that you like the outcome of my cards. Some of these cards are good for invitations , announcements or greetings. I am posting two cards now with the intention of add a few more to the list. Just look out for them soon. Enjoy… Thanks for Stopping by…
Oops-My Bad!!
*Duck Card - has an error in the card print out,
in the file the print out was corrected.
I posted the card with error until I can re-cut another card.
Please forgive me for posting the card with the error.
Will replace photo of card soon. Thank you for understanding.

Duck card- "You quack me up" was spelled wrong.

Quake should have been quack. Oops! my bad...


Diaper was in embossed with hearts..

Inside of card has stamped baby feet,

flower ornament with button by Provo crafts-Stand-outs