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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love Card GSD format!!

This is the Love card in GSD format. I had to add it on as a separate post because I am unable to edit my post with out loosing the orginal posting. I don't understand why, I have been experiencing this problem lately. I edit my last post and lost all my posting even the comment that was leave by Joanna. Sorry, I am disappointed about this loosing her comment, which is something that I always look forward to. Anyway, I try to post these GSD files to make it easier for those who use this format. I hope to be able to get a cutter takes Vista compatible so that I don't have to edit to post these file. Which I get from Lisa, bless her soul for going to the trouble of converting my creations for GSD format. Thank you for listening and enjoy...

Love_card GSD format

Monday, January 26, 2009

Love goes on! -

Meet Miss iCassie
Look out iCaily, you got some competition out there

Here are a few more Valentine cards, never can get enough love.

love_card WPC zip format

love_card DXF zip format

Image hosted by ImageShack comments accepted, so give it a shot!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Rosie

I want to introduce you to my wonderful Niece, Rosie. She's celebating her birthday on the Fifth of Febuary, 2009. Rosie, is the mother of two, single parent, but very devoted to her children. I want to send her our best wishes and hope that they come true.

We love you, Rosie...

This is the card that I made for Rosie.

How I made the Glitter Rose:
I replaced the cutout rose, by using the cut out like a stencil with glitter glue (red). I placed the cut out on the card, and with a Q-tips, I lightly chalked the rose cut out, so I knew where and how to place my rose. I traced it careful with the glitter glue, and let it dry. Then, I added the welded stem, with her name Rosie and the leaf, to the Glittered Rose. For those of you how don't want to glitter the rose, you can glue the cut out pieces of the rose. You can unweld the rose and add a different name. Hope that you like the card, as much as I enjoyed make it for my Niece, Rosie.

Happy_Birthday_rose WPC format

Happy_Birthday_Rose DXF format
Happy_Birthday_Rose GSD zip format

Free Clipart

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love You!

Felix, the love of my life...
After Twenty-eight years with Felix, I must confess, I am still in Love with him. Know matter what, we've been able to keep the relationship strong. I would have never thought that time would have gone by so quickly, but it has. It feels like we just met the other day. We both have change some what with time but it hasn't made much of a difference in our love. He's still gentle, thoughtful and affectionate. Always has my best interest at hand. Always tries to surprise me, with things that tend to make him always win me over. I grown to be, not only his wife but his friend. We always support each other, specially at time of need. When I was ill with Cancer, he was so supportive and never once showed his pain or sorrow. I know that it was the hardest thing for him to endure, but he made me strong and gave me that push, when I couldn't go on. These are the things that have kept our relationship strong. I try to give him the same support, specially now, that he's also has some health issues.

Well this is for my loving soulmate, te Amo mi Corazon, Mima
I made this card for the love of my live, Felix

lovers_silo_card WPC format

lovers_silo_card DXF format

lovers_silo_card GDS format

Presidents Day!

As president Day approaches, I am posting this presidents, which will be great for school projects, etc. Enjoy!

Abe_Lincoln GSD format

Abe_LincolnWPC format

Sorry about not having the cut out but I didn't have my Wishblade working, its not Vista friendly, when I created these files I had created it with Wishblade. I will cut out with the(Pazzles cutter), first chance I get. I am sure that it will cut. Working on cutting it through WPC format. sorry about this file! LOL

G_Washington GSD format
G_Washington WPC format

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here we go again!!!

Here's the card in DXF format. Don't know why its not posting. Site is glitchy to DXF format.Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

baby_boy_card DXF format

Another New Addition!!

It's A Boy!

A Martin Luther King Day Birth.

I like to introduce you to our latest addition to the family. Roberto Lopez and son Jr., who arrived on Monday, January 19, 2009, at 2:32 AM. He weighed 7lbs. and 14 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long. Here's a picture of him with his proud father. Congrats to the proud parents, Roberto and Kiara. Here's a shout out to the Grandparents, Robert and Cynthia, who waited patiently for this great event.
I like to welcome little Roberto to the family and wish him all the very best that life can give.
This is the card that I made for this blessed event.

baby_boy_card WPC format

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This site doesn't like me!

This is the second time I've had problems posting different formats on one blog space. No matter how much I tried to post this DXF with the WPC format of the same card, it won't save without causing one error after another. I was getting frustrated with it. If I open to edit a previous post or to add a new file like a GSD format, I'd loose it all. I no long am able to create the GSD files, because my Wishblade cutter is out date for my computer. I get these file from my good friend Lisa, and during this attempt to post, I loss the entire posting. Lots of times, I have to save it to my words document, so I don't loss all the work that have put into blogging. I have try to email this site, but can not fine a support, just the forum. What good is that, when I have found other with unsolved errors problems. That's not cool at all. Anyway, if anyone has an answer to my delima, please let me know, because I am unable to post without problems.

heart_with_smile DXF format

Anyway, I will continue to try my best to keep my freebies coming

at least for those of you who like my files.

Valentine cards for kids!


I made these cards for my Grandchildren. I thought that this would be nice to share the with those of you, who have Children, grandchildren, etc. My grand children love to send me Valentine cards, so I always take time out to make sure that they get there cards, too.

Great Card for Boys
a little bit of Techno Love..

Robot_card WPC format

Robot_card DXF format

This card can be unisex

a big heart filled with Love

heart_with_smile WPC format

Great for little girls

a little bit of bear hug

just to say I love you...

hello_bear_heart_card WPC format

Hello_bear_heart_card DXF format

Hoping you can enjoy these little people cards,

just as much as I will enjoy give them to my little people.

Friday, January 16, 2009

PS I Love You!!!

Happy V-Day

I am posting some of the Valentine cards that I made to send out to my love ones.
With this file I create a few cards.

Cupid_with_bow_card WPC format
Cupid_with_bow_card DXF format

hearts_angle_card WPC format

hearts_angle_card DXF format

heart_angle_card GSD format

Floral back ground on these cards are Anna Griffins' stock card paper.

Thanks for Stopping at the Stomping Grounds, Enjoy!

Ta! Rah!

Ta! Rah! While visiting my daughter and her family during the Christmas holidays, one of my loving granddaughters, who else, but Miss Leandra. Said to me, Grandma Anna, please don’t call me Miss Leandra any more, Call me Miss Cutie Pie. LOL Then, as she smile, she said; I have a trick for you! I replied, Well, show me! She quickly disappeared into the kitchen, and returned with a spoon. She then, hung the spoon off the tip of her nose spreading her arms in a horizontal fashion, and proudly said TA! RAH! That was the cutest thing yet. So, I told Miss Leandra, that she has earned her new name, Miss Cutie Pie, LOL I want you to see Miss Cutie Pie in action.


These are the love of my life, and this is just one of the stories that have earned me, my title Grandma. They are my inspirations to some of my creations. They love getting my cards in the mail. The first notch on my Grandma belt, was my little man, Elias. He is a computer geek, and has been involved in computer since he could speak. I fell in love with the fact that I would finally be a grandmother, and the glow came when he called me grandma. This is a special and different kind of love that only Grandmothers understand. It’s so intoxicating and I would never want to detox from.
My first grandma's love,
was my little man...

My second notch is the Princess.
Princess Ariana, another love of my life. She’s the story teller. Loves to tell stories and sing.

She’s waiting to be discovered, LOL

The last and finally notch is Baby Cassie.

Baby Cassie is Baby Cassie,

She tries hard to keep up with the rest of her siblings, and so far she's doing great.
Your got to love them.

That's way I love being Grandma, LOL

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love is in the Air...

On February 14, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. The day for lovers, or those you love. Know matter, whom you send a card, flowers and just a mere Happy Valentine’s wish, its what is all about. A day, to expression one’s feelings. I love you, is something we learn as babies and carry through life. Three simple words with such powerful meanings. Expressing the tenderness felt by lovers, family, friends, like a devotion, an attachment, an admiration, or a strong affection for another, arising out of kinship or personal ties (maternal). However, you use this term of endearment, unselfishly these phases inspire an affection of one’s love. I needed to find how all this came about. So, I searched and I found this site, which gave me a insight on how, why and where it all began. I encourage you to visit, especially, if you don’t know how Valentine’s Day came about. See the first Valentine card, sent by Esther Howland Valentine, circa 1850

Here are some Freebie’s dedicate to LOVE….which was inspired by the affections to the ones I love…

SWAK_Valentine DXF format

SWAK_Valentine WPC format

Roses_frame WPC format

Roses_frame DXF format
Roses_frame GSD format

Monday, January 12, 2009

The GSD that wants its own space...

Birthday_card GSD format

This GSD file gave me a run for my money. It would not link on with the other files that I posted of my hubby's Birthday card. So, here we go, I hope that it works.
But once again,
Happy Birthday, Papi
Birthday Kiss