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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Rosie

I want to introduce you to my wonderful Niece, Rosie. She's celebating her birthday on the Fifth of Febuary, 2009. Rosie, is the mother of two, single parent, but very devoted to her children. I want to send her our best wishes and hope that they come true.

We love you, Rosie...

This is the card that I made for Rosie.

How I made the Glitter Rose:
I replaced the cutout rose, by using the cut out like a stencil with glitter glue (red). I placed the cut out on the card, and with a Q-tips, I lightly chalked the rose cut out, so I knew where and how to place my rose. I traced it careful with the glitter glue, and let it dry. Then, I added the welded stem, with her name Rosie and the leaf, to the Glittered Rose. For those of you how don't want to glitter the rose, you can glue the cut out pieces of the rose. You can unweld the rose and add a different name. Hope that you like the card, as much as I enjoyed make it for my Niece, Rosie.

Happy_Birthday_rose WPC format

Happy_Birthday_Rose DXF format
Happy_Birthday_Rose GSD zip format

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