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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Final Halloween cards...

These Halloween cards are the final
cards that I created for my kids.
I hope that they are enjoyed by others.
This is the Halloween birthday card for my
cousin's granddaughter Zoie...

This is Zoie,

who is celebrating her second birthday,
which is on Halloween Day.
Have a Happy Halloween Birthday...

This is my final Halloween creation
hope that it is shared.

I created a Halloween window card.


This is a window card,
I decided to make this monster into

window card, its something different.

Hope you enjoy sharing this file. LOL

I created this card for my grand daugther


who is having a birthday in November.

This card is a little premature, but I am also

making another card. She loves Sponge Bob now,

so I am not sure right now on which one

I'm going to send her.

I will post her Sponge Bob card
as soon as I cut it.
I hope that I decide by then...

This is her Kai lan card.


I hope that these cards are enjoyed .

Well, Thank you for stopping by ...

Have a safe and Happy Halloween..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy birthday Girls...

I want to wish my hubby's granddaughter a

very Happy Birthday.


Aubrie is celebrating her 11Th. Birthday.

Hope you have an awesome day, Aubrie.

Best Wishes, Papi and Mima

This is the card that I made for her.

Hope that it can be shared with someone

having a birthday.


This is a tri-fold card

that I created which is good for any


I also want to wish my sister in law


a very happy and blessed birthday.

I hope you enjoy this card.


This is my creation of Frosty juggling snow balls.

Great for a card topper or on scrapbook page.


Hoping you enjoy these cards and topper.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Hair raising event....

Yes, its the hair raising event at my daughter's house.
I don't know, if you remember my granddaughter,
Miss Leandra...
Well, to enlighten most of you Miss Leandra, is
the middle child of the three sisters.
She's also the attention seeker.
Well, to make a long story short,
she attempted to give herself a new look.
She took the scissors and cut the top of her
hair and it was cut so short that it looked
like a Mohawk.
What a mess!
Well, of cause, Mom to the rescue, took
her to the salon to seek the impossible.
Wha La, magic!
This is Miss Leandra after the transformation.
She was very happy with the results,
and so was Mom...
The new Miss Leandra

But this is....

The before picture

She cut the top crown area...OMG!

What a disaster...

Anyway, these are the cards that I created,

I hope that you enjoy them.

This is my Miss you card


This is my mini frame

Front view


back view

This is my sweet birthday card...


Thank you for the wonderful comments

your comments are what makes it all

worth while, so Please keep feeding my blog...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our 30th. Anniversary...

I want to wish my loving husband,

a Happy 30Th. Anniversary.

We still have a great relationship,

and I hope that someday we will celebrate

our 50Th. Anniversary.

Thank you, honey for 30 happy years.

This is my loving hubby, Felix and I...

This is the card that I made him.


I love you, Felix