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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Hair raising event....

Yes, its the hair raising event at my daughter's house.
I don't know, if you remember my granddaughter,
Miss Leandra...
Well, to enlighten most of you Miss Leandra, is
the middle child of the three sisters.
She's also the attention seeker.
Well, to make a long story short,
she attempted to give herself a new look.
She took the scissors and cut the top of her
hair and it was cut so short that it looked
like a Mohawk.
What a mess!
Well, of cause, Mom to the rescue, took
her to the salon to seek the impossible.
Wha La, magic!
This is Miss Leandra after the transformation.
She was very happy with the results,
and so was Mom...
The new Miss Leandra

But this is....

The before picture

She cut the top crown area...OMG!

What a disaster...

Anyway, these are the cards that I created,

I hope that you enjoy them.

This is my Miss you card


This is my mini frame

Front view


back view

This is my sweet birthday card...


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your comments are what makes it all

worth while, so Please keep feeding my blog...


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