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Sunday, January 18, 2009

This site doesn't like me!

This is the second time I've had problems posting different formats on one blog space. No matter how much I tried to post this DXF with the WPC format of the same card, it won't save without causing one error after another. I was getting frustrated with it. If I open to edit a previous post or to add a new file like a GSD format, I'd loose it all. I no long am able to create the GSD files, because my Wishblade cutter is out date for my computer. I get these file from my good friend Lisa, and during this attempt to post, I loss the entire posting. Lots of times, I have to save it to my words document, so I don't loss all the work that have put into blogging. I have try to email this site, but can not fine a support, just the forum. What good is that, when I have found other with unsolved errors problems. That's not cool at all. Anyway, if anyone has an answer to my delima, please let me know, because I am unable to post without problems.

heart_with_smile DXF format

Anyway, I will continue to try my best to keep my freebies coming

at least for those of you who like my files.


Tonya said...

Once again, wonderful files. Don't let the "website" get you down!

Joanna said...

Hi, Mima. Have you tried to zip your files before adding them? Thanks for sharing :o)