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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Unfinished finally finished….

These are cards that I started and never got around to finish. Some of them, at the time were causing some type of discouragement, so I just set them aside. I was able to go back to them and finished them. I hope that you like the outcome of my cards. Some of these cards are good for invitations , announcements or greetings. I am posting two cards now with the intention of add a few more to the list. Just look out for them soon. Enjoy… Thanks for Stopping by…
Oops-My Bad!!
*Duck Card - has an error in the card print out,
in the file the print out was corrected.
I posted the card with error until I can re-cut another card.
Please forgive me for posting the card with the error.
Will replace photo of card soon. Thank you for understanding.

Duck card- "You quack me up" was spelled wrong.

Quake should have been quack. Oops! my bad...


Diaper was in embossed with hearts..

Inside of card has stamped baby feet,

flower ornament with button by Provo crafts-Stand-outs


Joanna said...

These are so adorable, Mima. Great job and very creative!

Anne said...

Both fab cards Mima glad you got round to finishing them love the quote with the duck card and the diaper pin
Anne xx