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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Bead!

I was home working on this scrapbook page of my youngest Granddaughter.

When my daughter called me, and said, "Guess What Miss Leandra did?" Miss Leandra, is my third grandchild, and second of the girls. My reply was, "What?" After taking a deep breath and bracing myself for a response. Miss Leandra, put a bead up her nose, replied my daughter. It was a bead with a hole in the center, the kind that are used for hair decor, or crafts. She calmly walk up to her Mom, and said; I have something in my nose. Mom quickly, stop what she was doing, looked and sure enough there it was. The Bead! Miss Leandra, why did you put that bead in your nose. She calmly replied; because I'm a mermaid. What an imagination, this three you old has. Mom tried to remove it careful, but stopped. She didn't want her to get excited, fearing it would cause her to cry. Sniffling could push the bead further in. Unsuccessful, Mom call Dad for help. Oh Boy! That broke Miss Leandra's dam and here came the tears and sniffling. Thank God, Dad worked quickly, asked for a flashlight and tweezers. Got it out through the hole, that was fortunately lined up properly. Way to go, Dad! Dad saved Miss Leandra, and her family a trip to the hospital. Well, did Miss Leandra learn from this lesson? We hope, because last year, she did it with a bean. Thank God, that is was very small, and Mom got it right out. Miss Leandra, has to find a better profession, then being a Mermaid. She's cute as a button, but has a curiosity that could put the boldest out of business. God Bless her. After, putting her parents through a scare, her imagination of becoming a mermaid, was pretty funny. We love her curiosity and all, even if she keeps her parents on the go. Bold Miss Leandra! I won't change my grandchildren for anything in the world. Children are amazing and their outlook on life is so wholesome. God Bless all the children.

Meet Miss Leandra


Anonymous said...

OK, this is toooo funny. I think it is great that you call her Miss Leandra! How funny is that.