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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Summer has come to an End

As we try to enjoy the last weekend of the Summer, fall is around the corner. Autumn, starts on Monday, September 22. It is the beginning of the Equinox, until Solstice, which occurs about December 22, the beginning of winter. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, not to cold, not to hot, its just right. I love the way the earth looks, sporting its colors, orange, red, brown, golden yellow and so on. You can dress comfortably with light jackets, or sweaters. Spent time strolling, enjoying the display that mother earth puts out in the fall. In honor of the Equinox, I made this die cut. Enjoy the fall and lets get started with all those holidays coming up.


I am also adding a couple of Halloween Die cuts. I had not finish them during the time that I posted the others die cuts, but I am sure that it won't make a difference. I think that they came out cute. Before I forget, the sprinters have to be cut with a nice sharpen blade and a good mat. This will ensure you a wonderful cut. Forgive me for not posting this before.




Joanna said...

Some more really nice files! Thanks for sharing, Anna.

Lisa said...

Boo...Autumn. It just means were one step closer to Winter. Nice file though