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Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 the year for change

Happy New Year from Mima's stomping grounds

Get those New Year Resolutions in gear and stick to them.
Its time for a change, from a new hair do, to a better government. Something has to give. Focus on saving for a rainy day, for they will be many. We can't let those glummy days get the better of us, from tightening belts to penny pinching, because of our economy. Just stick to those guns and steer yourself in the right direction. First and for most, stay on top of your health. Without it, your goals in life can become extremely difficult. Next take time out for yourself, even if you just pamper yourself it a soothing bubble bath. This alone can be very rewarding. If your stressed out, you are no good to anyone, specially yourself. This is very important, when you have others who depend on you. So, fist up and get your priorities in gear and have a happy and healthy
New Year.

New_Year_baby WPC format

New_Year_baby GSD format

New_Year_baby DXF format

Champagne_New_Year WPC format

Champagne_New_Year GSD format

Champagne_New_Year DXF format


Tonya said...

Love your new year's files. I am going to try to send to a couple of "sepcial" friends. Thanks for sharing.