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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Goodies!

Hola, Stompers thanks for stopping by. I had kindly ask you to give my good Internet friend a shout out. Well, Joanne from Bains' Bit, took it to the next level. She left me a message that she went to Visit Lisa from Risalenee Creations. She told me how a wonderful person she is. I am sure that she is. Like I said before, she's taken me under wing. I hope someday when I go up to Michigan to visit my daughter in law and the kids, that I too, will stop off and say hello to Lisa. What a wonderful visit that must have been. Anyway, I have done a few cards and this Angel wreath for my family and I wanted to share it with you . Enjoy!

The fonts in this wreath is 1 Beanspout DNA- which I got at Free site.

Angel_Wreath Wpc format

Angel_Wreath_ Dxf format

Angel_Wreath G
sd format

Reindeer boarder_Santa_Card Wpc format

Reindeerboarder_Santa_Card Dxf format

Reindeerboarder_Santa_Card Gsd format

Reindeer_tree_card Wpc format

Reindeer_tree_card Dxf format

Hope that everyone has finish with the Christmas shopping. Got to get my cards finish. If I do some new work, I'll be back.