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Monday, February 2, 2009

Last Valentine's cards

Valentine's is almost here and I happy to say that all my Valentine cards are done. Going on there merry way, to shed some love to my loving kids and grandkids. The kiddies have learned there holidays very well, because they look forward to getting their cards in the mail. My Grandchildren feel important because they get their own individual cards. They feel grown up to get a card in the mail box. The girls rush to the phone to call, and tell their Grandma Anna. They always say, "Guess What", Grandma? I got your mail! There isn't anything more rewarding in life, than those little voices saying, I love you, Grandma, thank you for the beautiful card. This is way I enjoy making cards. With twelve grands looking forward to their greeting cards, its the best way to go, and making them personal is awesome. Anyway, I hope that you can also find some special person, to also share these cards with.
Happy Valentine's Day,
from the head Stomper, Mima. LOL

Another Robot card for those little man in your life, LOL

Robot_card2 WPC format zip

Robot_card2 DXF format zip


This silhouette of a kitten, I found to be very cute. I created it and came up with two cuts in one. I cut this as a gift for my daughter. Next month she has a birthday, and I wanted to give her something that she could treasure. Its simple, personal and I thought it would express my gentle emontions for her. I will frame them both and hope that she hangs them side by side, whether its vertical or horizontal. She's my only child, even though I have step children from my mate. We have a very special bond, and because she has given me so much support, through my most difficult times, I felt this would show her my love. Its easy to purchase a gift, but this will be a gift from the heart. I hope that someday, it will remain as a token of my love for her. I hate getting mushy, but these are the last Valentines cards that I will be posting this year, and I wanted to end it with my sentiment to my lovely child.

This is the positive cut

this is the negative cut.

kitten WPC format zip

kitten DXF format zip