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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank You for the Friendship award!

I want to thank Wendy from
for the Beautiful Friendship award. Wendy has a Beautiful Blog site, which I visit quite often, along with other blog sites. I never thought that along with sharing my files, that I would be adopted into a community of crafty bloggers. A group of not only talented crafters, but kind and considerate people, who give you credit, where credit is do. Motivate, support and guide you through any issues that may arise, or point you in the right direction. For all those who have taken time to help me shine, THANK YOU!

A Friendship Award

I also want to send a special shout out to my friend Lisa from

who with out her time and dedication in teaching me the ropes.

I would not be blogging today.

Thank you, Lisa!

This is a token of my gratitude

for all those who visit and acknowledge

my work and friendship. Enjoy!

Woman_with_flowers WPC format zip

Woman_with_flowers DXF format zip


Anonymous said...

Anna my love,
For you are light in my path, You guide me in the right direction. I thank god for letting you shine and following you any direction you go. If is has not been for you, I would have not made it this far. Thank you for your love and support. FOR I LOVE YOU DEEPLY, MORE THEN MY HEART CAN BARE. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAMI!!!!

For I am the proud man in your life:

Joanna said...

That is so pretty, Mima. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful file, Mima! Thanks for sharing it!!!