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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy birthday Doria

I want to wish my Loving Daughter, Doria a Blessed and Happy Birthday. Doria is my only child, and she's always been a great daughter. She's a mother of four, a wife and foremost a Sailor. She's been active for Thirteen years. Her birthday is on Friday the 13, of March. When she was 13 years old, it also was on a Friday the 13. This day for me has been the luckiest day in my life. When I had her, I knew that she would be the most precious gift that God could ever send me. Everyday and thank him for her. I just went to Virginia, and spent five delightful days with her and my grandchildren. Even though, two out of four were sick. I still loved every minute that I spent at her home. I made her a silhouette of her first born, as a card. I also made it into a picture for framing. I took so pictures of the girls, so that I can convert them into silhouettes also, this way she can place them all on a wall by ages. I think that she would like that very much. The silhouette came out beautiful, I didn't expect it to look so nice. I hope that she has a blessed birthday day. For I will miss being with her and that day.


From your loving mother, who holds you in her heart always. MOM

Doria having a little of R&R in Cypress, during the evacuation of the people of Lebanon, while she was in the Beirut area, during her overseas tour.

Doria at two days old.

Doria at two years old

Doria during pre-k graduation

Doria and Brian first I Do's

Doria and Brian

while attending a wedding.

Doria and Brian remarried three years

after this picture taken, while she was expecting Leandra, third of their four children.

This is the silhouette that I made into a card and a picture for her birthday.

This is my Grandson Elias, Doria's eldest child.


Wendy said...

mima this is so clever, love it a great gift

Joanna said...

Cool idea, Mima! I am sure she will treasure those forever!