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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last day in July....

My Hubby went to Oklahoma to visit with his daughter and grand kids.

He also spent a week with his kids, while I was visiting my grand kids.

We decided this year to split up and visit the kids separately.

Finances did allow us to travel together.

We still had a great visit with our children.

These are his kids...

Hubby with Kameron - Hubby with Daughter (Desirae)

Hubby with Aubrie - Hubby with Colby

These pictures were taken at the bowling alley.

Well, this week I created these cards...

This card was created with the inspirational

creation of Jennie from

Dove2 card. I used her hands idea for my card. I hope

that I was able to do as well as she did.

Thanks Jennie for your inspirational



This card is a Mom-to-be card
I hope that someone can find use for this card, enjoy....


This card is created with the pen tool.
I hadn't done any pen drawings lately,
so I decided to give it another shot.
I hope that this card will find your interest
and someone gives it a try.

Have a good week and thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot! Humid and sultry summer!

Yeah, its been quiet hot lately.

I miss swimming with the kids at their pool.

Can wait for next month, when I go back for a visit

before school starts.

We sent lots of time playing in the pool.

The kids all know how to swim but Baby Cassie.

She's swimming around but with her floaty.

I am sure by next summer, she'll be swimming without it.

I created this card with the girls on my mind.

I hope that you enjoy it!



This baby card is one of three that I will choose

for our new additions, which will be One boy

and Two girls.



This card is also for the males who are having birthdays

now in August. I will need four cards, and Like I always

state, male cards are always the hardest cards to make.

Well! I think so anyway...


Inside Boot card

Have a good week everyone

Thanks for stopping by.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow! I had a wonderful Time....

I am back from my visit to my daughter's home.

I had such a great time, I didn't want to leave.

My little people are all getting big, I can't believe that I saw them in May.

In just as little as two months,

they have stretch out and they also have great tans.

We did a lot of swimming and went to visit a historical light house.

Played on the Wii, I couldn't believe I was playing with

my grand kids video games. I have played on

playstation 2-3, but not on a Wii. (LOL)

Great exercise...

Grandma with her little people.

Grandma, kids and daughter...

I miss the kids so much, I decided to make this card for them.


This blow fish was on Baby Cassie's floaty.
So, I decided to make it into a card.


Made this card for my sister-in-laws husband "Pete",

who is celebrating a birthday .

Happy Birthday Pete!


This is another Birthday card.

I hope you like these cards,

Thanks for stopping in.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As I promised....

I said in my last post that I would leave a couple of cards before my trip.
Well, here they are...


This a birthday card with Happy Birthday placed on

the inside of the card.


You can change the number on the car to match

birth date or age.

Well, hope you enjoy these cards.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am taking a mini vacation....

I am taking a mini vacation to Virginia Beach, Va.

I am going to spend a week at my daughter's

home, with the Rug rats.

Grandma is taking her swimsuit and lots

of pain reliever. Which, I know will come in handy

after the kids get through with me.

They gave me a list of places they plan to take me.

I wonder. if my vacation will commence upon my return, LOL

New York is a having a heatwave, but I manage to make time
to do some cards.

I thought that I would leave a few cards for my fellow
Stompers. Enjoy!

This Birthday card is done on a printed background

I created using watermark with the Amsterdam Graffiti fonts


I hope that you find some young man to share it with.


I created this card for the Baby Showers or Child births

coming soon with three new additions to the family.

I had mentioned before One Niece and Two Nephews are

waiting for an extension to their families.

I hope that you enjoy my creations and that you find someone

in your life to share them with.

I don't know if I will be able to post some more cards

before my trip, but I will give it a go.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your great

comments, which I enjoy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One more week....

This my tribute to Christmas in July
I hope that you like my card


Santa going down the chimney card
with HO HO HO, down the side of the chimney.

I am also starting the male in-law cards.

Two sons in laws, a brother in law and his son, my nephew,

are all upcoming


Male cards for me are the hardest.

So, I hope that I do well creating them.

This is the first card, and it’s untitled. I will add a quote inside.


I hope that you find someone to share this card with.

Well in a week, I will be spending some time with

my daughter and my grand kids.

I look forward to going swimming, museum, movies and park.

I hope I survive it, LOL

I am also blessed with three new additions to the family.

One niece and two nephews are expect babies this year.

So, I will be busy with cards, for those baby showers.

I made this baby frame for my niece, for her baby scrapbook.

I hope she likes it.


I hope that someone find use for my files.

I'd like to thank those who stop by a leave me comments.

I always enjoy getting feed back and greetings.

I hope to post at least once before I leave.