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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Can't let them go to waste, Right!

Dearest Cutters, I am posting my files that I had prepared for my Christmas scrapbooks and Christmas cards. Now, that I can not cut them, I still am will to share them. Sorry, if there is anything wrong, please forgive me. I would like it very much for those who do cut them, please let me know, how they turn out for you. I did them with my loving grandchildren in mind.

So, enjoy them if you can.

GSD format

WPC format file


I was trying to get them cut by converting the files to WPC, but My Vista is not being friendly at the moment. She thinks she's high maintenance, and has a 86 bits format. I can't even convert with the Vista download. Which I found is for 64 bit Vista format. I should have left her at the store. I am willing to be forgiving and hope to acquire the right format, if there is one out there. So, I don't have a choice but to post DFX, until I get a new GSD cutter. Also my new cuts will only be able to be shared by the Craft Robo cutters. I am sorry about this mess. In the mean time, I will continue searching, because I have a lots of work that is just existing in my computer. So, if anyone out there, who knows of any programs that can help, I would really appreciate it. :(



Well, Cutters I will post some more later on this blog, need to that a break.
Hoping you will stop by again.


Joanna said...

Love the elf. So sorry to hear about all the trouble with your cutter and vista. Ugh!