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Monday, November 24, 2008

I am so sorry!!!

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

For those of you, who have come to my site looking for Free GSD, I am sorry but my cutter has taken vacation without permission, and has left me in limbo. As soon as I am able to replace my cutter, or resolve the problem of finding a patch for Window Vista, which doesn't seem like according to Wishblade. I will continue to share. For now I only will have WPC files for Pazzles users. I have been searching for a file converter, so that I can convert my WPC files to GSD files. Quite a mission, huh! Anyway, Thank you for coming to my site and please forgive any mishaps that my files have cause. I have experienced a file that I place of a turkey for sharing and in its place a porn file was found. OMG! I was shock and embarrassed that this could happen. When I also have my grandchildren viewing my blog and family, friends that download my files. This file was removed from the 4share site. It cause me my computer, it destroyed all my drives. So, please, please make sure that you have a good , and I mean a good virus protector on your computer. Make sure to scan everything, you download. Its a nightmare to loss thousands of hours of work, plus a computer, files, etc. There are evil people out there waiting for a chance to destroy everything they can. Right now, there isn't a bandage big enough to cover my wound, and this was a very painful experience. We learn from our mistakes. :(

So once again "Thank you for you time and Have a Happy Thanksgiving."

Happy Thanksgiving


Anne said...

Hi Mima so sorry you've lost all your hard work i don't know if you've heard of uk scrappers theres a robo section on there you do have to sign up to get access there are ladies from your side of the pond who get on who may be able to point you in the right direction. It's sponered by graphtec uk but there are people with different cutters other than robo that use the site. hope this helps
Anne xx

Anne said...

whoops almost forgot why i came i have left a little something on my blog for you

micki542 said...

Hi Mima, You can export a wpc file as a dfx and import it into robo,and save as a gsd. Hope this helps you. I am sorry about
your getting a virus. I had the same thing about a year ago. I lost everything! Best wishes, Micki
PS. I love your files