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Do to lack of space, I had to remove some of the Freebies on my blog. If there is any file you are interested in, just email me and I will send it to you. I have WPC formats, DXF formats and some GSD formats. View my Gallery and see what you like and I will try to send them to you. Enjoy my Gallery. Thank you for visiting, Mima
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Left overs and its not turkey!!!

Hoping that everyone had a Happy Thanksgivng. As for myself , it was good, even though I must admit that it wasn't sugar plums dancing in my head, but a way to be able to share these files with all. I must Thank Lisa, from Risalenee creations, for helping me post my GSD file, after she converted it for me from a Dfx file. She was able to open my Dfx, though Craft Robo. It works!For those of you who have Craft Robo and the Wishblade Create and Cut version, it will open this file as well.
In the mean time, a have a few GSD files, that I didn't get a chance to test cut, but I am willing to share them. Now here are few GSD files, that I didn't get a chance to post, when I upgraded to Vista.



Hoping and thankful for all those who have support me and my blog. Hope you enjoy these cards. I will try to continue to post my work if its possible.


Jeanette S said...

Thanks Mima.. I am so glad you are sharing again. I love your files. That Darn Vista!!

micki542 said...

Thank you! Love your files!

Joanna said...

Really cute cards, Mima. Thank you!

Anne said...

love the elf and the fire place card brilliant effect thankyou for sharing