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Monday, October 6, 2008

Calf on Board!!!!

On our way to Virginia

On my way to Virginia from New York City, on a Saturday afternoon, while sitting enjoying the view. We drove behind a u-haul carrying a couple of calves. I was elated, being that I am a city slicker, to see calves being transport to their destination, is not seen often in the city. I quickly took out my camera (never leave home without it), hee hee. As soon as I took the picture of the calf, she just jumped out of the u-haul. We stop our van, we were trying to keep the calf, from going out into the moving traffic. I was in a panic, but my hubby, jump into action and caught the calf. We were able to stop the driver, so he can collect his calf. I was so happy, that this story had a good ending, and no one got hurt. I also got to see the calf up close. :)

Calf making her get away...

Felix rescues the calf from traffic...

My hubby (Felix) held the calf until the driver came for her.

She wanted to continue on her way. LOL

In memory of that cute calf,

I made this die cut to use on my scrapbook....



Joanna said...

Wow, Mima. That is an incredible story! Thank you for sharing your cow story and gsd. :)

Lisa said...