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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have a safe Halloween!!

Yes, In a few days it'll be Halloween. Make sure that your children are going to have a safe Halloween. If they are going to be out late, please make sure that they have flashlights and or reflector strips or clothes that will reflect their presences. Specially, those children who go out without an adult. Check out the candies, treats, etc. to make sure that they safe to eat. We don't want them to eat small pieces of candy, that can get enlarged in their little throats. As sad as this may sound these little things can cause them not to have a enjoyable evening. I am sure that a lot of you parents, know the do's and don't of this Spooktacular evening. But, a word to the wise is sufficient. Take plenty of pictures and enjoy!

I found a nice background for my granddaughter's Halloween scrapbook page.

She's going to be Princess Jasmine, so I made her a silhouette of an Arabian Kingdom.


As for my baby, I couldn't find any butterfly to fit the occasion. Until I do, I made some Halloween critters.

Which I can add to her picture, but I will continue to search for a picture or cartoon, that I really like. She's dressing as a butterfly and the ones I found would be more suited for Easter or Spring. I want to use a animated butterfly, something funny than the usual butterfly.


Have a Safe Halloween!

Love this time of the year....Booooooo!


Joanna said...

Thank you for the critters, Mima. I hope you and yours have a fun and safe Halloween!