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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gone fishing...

Getting his life jacket on ...

Excited about this new experience

This is the first time the guys (Hubby, Son in law and grandson)went fishing on a boat. My grandson was really excited about this fishing trip. He had never been on a boat before fishing. These were the pictures from that day and also pictures from other fishing days.

One of Elias' best catch that day on the boat...

My son in law (who I call the Bman) for Brian

with his catch of the day...

The little man reeling in his catch...

This is a print and cut that I made for my scrapbook.
This theme gone fishing goes good with this cute bear
who is going fishing. :)

So, get those glue dots ready for this one, LOL.


I hope that next time the girls get a chance to go. Princess Ari. loves to fish, too. Miss Leandra has never been fishing, so it'll be a treat for her. For now this is the only fishing my little princesses will be doing. LOL



Lisa said...

YYYYyyyyyea Eli! Good Job

Joanna said...

Wowzers, aren't those some pretty big fish?!