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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A princess in almost every homes!

These are my princesses with their big brother.

Nani with her princess bike.

Just about every household in the United States has a princess.
Well, I like you to meet one of mine. She goes by the nickname, Nani, which she got from Miss Leandra, her little sister. Miss Leandra wasn’t able to say her name, when she was starting to speak. So, from her birth given name, Ariana was change to Nani. That’s why, I call her princess. Nani is 5 years old and is attending Kindergarten. Nani is very girly, girl. Loves pink, sleeps in a princess room. Nothing but vanities, royal chairs, lots of dress-up gowns, jewels and everything that has to do with princesses. Even, when she dresses for school, church and playing out doors, she’s loves, wearing lace, ribbon and anything glittery, shiny and perfumed. Loves grooming herself, bubble baths, nail polish and perfume. Nani also, loves going to the mall with her Mom, she calls it, girl’s day out. Her mother will pick up hair barrettes, bangles, rings, etc., all the things that little girls like. Miss Leandra is looking forward to her time, so that she can hang out with Nani and mom. I love my princesses, all three of them. Nani, Miss Leandra and Baby Cassy are all different, but I love them just the same. My grandson will have his hand full, when these little ladies grow up. Its not easy living with a house filled with young ladies. LOL Well, my blessings to my three princesses, and all those household with princesses.
Long live those princess dreams.

Nani dress like Princess Jasmine.



Nani with all her jewels..

Nani with her Snow White costume, the girls love dressing up like princesses.

Lets not forget Miss Leandra in her Cinderella costume.


Joanna said...

She really does love princess, doesn't she? You already know I have a couple of princesses myself. :o) They are cuties, Anna.