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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Witching hour is getting closer!!!

I see that it's getting close to Halloween and so far, I haven't finish my die cuts for my scrapbook. I just finish one of four die cuts to go with the costumes that the kids are going to wear. I was under the weather, after getting my flu shot. YUCK! That's what I felt like these last few days. I just hope that it'll keep me from getting really sick this year. Last Christmas, I spent it in the Hospital with pneumonia. This year I am trying to play it safe.

My grandson is going to be Indiana Jones, so I made a leather jacket, a fedora and a whip. I hope that it'll look good with his costume.


I also made another witch with a broom. This will be great for decor.


I have to make a vampire (girl), a Jasmine (princess), which is also going to be a mission to do. Then, my baby is going to be a butterfly, which is going to be an easy one, but I want to do something nice, that will be good for a butterfly costume.
So, I will most likely add a few more for Halloween. If not, I will owe it to you. LOL


Lisa said...

I know for a fact that my winter coat does not want to see me!

Joanna said...

Great files. Thank you for sharing.